Best Strength Training Exercises at Home

Having a busy schedule isn’t an excuse anymore. You can perform various strength training exercises at home and make all the difference.

Let’s discuss.

Strength training exercises at home.

  1. Arms
  • Planks

Planks are a reliable activity that will help strengthen your arms by building your biceps and triceps.

How to do planks

Start with your toes and elbows on the floor. Engage your core and keep your torso elevated. Extend one arm at a time while keeping your body straight and lower your elbows interchangeably. Repeat.

Planks is one of the best strength training exercises
  • Triceps dips

You will need a bench, box, chair, or even a staircase for this exercise.

Sit on the edge, ensuring that your hands are well-gripped. Slide your hips downwards and forward, and bend your elbows by lowering your body.

With your back close to the sturdy bench, table, or chair, push yourself back to the standing position. Repeat this exercise.

2. Legs

  • Squats as strength training exercises at home

There’s so much misinformation surrounding squats, such as they are only meant for women and only work the glutes.

That is far from the truth. Squats are an effective form of exercise for everyone. Besides, they work your glutes, thighs, and legs in general.

Add weights to increase the intensity of your strength training exercises

Form is everything when it comes to squats. To perform them, stand with your feet at a shoulder-width level. Bend your knees towards your lower body as if you’re sitting down.

Similarly, try not to bend your back and keep your chest up. You can also use weights to add intensity to your workout.

  • Calf raises

Next up is calf raises. These are an effective strength training exercise to try at home. They are effortless to perform as they only need you to stand on your tippy toes and move back and forth.

Additionally, you can use dumbbells to make the exercise more effective.

3. Chest

Chest day does not have to be boring. You can do a couple of exercises to increase strength from home. These include:

  • Push-ups

Push-ups are not only worth a try. They are fun to do when you get a hang of it.

They not only work on your shoulders and core muscles. Moreover, they work your lower back.

Besides, they build your triceps and chest.

How to do push-ups for strength training at home

Push-ups come in numerous variations. Whether a beginner or intermediate with exercises, there is something for everyone. As a former, you can try wall push-ups or knee ones. For the latter, you can choose to go hard with pike push-ups.

Try lying facing down and place your hands on the floor. They should be a bit wider than your shoulders. While in that position, lift your torso, shoulders, and legs. Extend your arms and ensure your toes and hands are on the ground.

Then, lower your body, but do not let it touch the flour, and repeat.

  • Burpees

I know, I know. Most people do not like burpees as they leave you drained. In addition, they also consume a lot of your energy. However, this is one of the best exercises to indulge in.

Burpees work your core, glutes, legs, arms, and back.

How to do burpees for strength training at home

Begin from a standing position. Lower yourself as if performing a squat, and then put both hands on the floor. Jump back into a plank position, then draw your legs towards your chest and back. Return to a squat and repeat.

In Conclusion

Lack of time does not have to stop you from enjoying a good work out. That said, start your fitness journey now.

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